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i get discharge everyday. usually it's thick, sometimes yellowish. sometimes smells sort of bad, but never like fish. i've read that it should be like cottage cheese but it isn't THAT bad. just extremely noticeable!
i'm only fifteen so i've never had sex... so i know it's not an std or anything.
sometimes i feel a bit of an itch down there, but it's never very bad. i think sometimes at night, i discharge and feel more of an itch that i would in the day. again, it's never too horrible.
also...sometimes a few days after my period ends i get a bloody discharge-like liquid

what could i have? a yeast infection? uti?
this is really bothering me. for a while i thought i had nothing, but i'm sure discharging everyday isn't normal.
i do hold in my pee a lot, which is gross and bad. i try to stop but for some reason i tend to feel a pleasure from holding it in...does anyone know why that is? it's not like the regular holding it in feeling either, and it doesn't ALWAYS happen. but usually


Sounds like a yeast infection, a UTI makes it burn when you urinate and makes you urinate more frequently. I can't see how it would affect your discharge as the discharge originates from the vagina, and the UTI would only affect the urinary tract which is very close but seperate. You can have a condition without all of the listed symptoms, I'd suggest you go see the doctor.