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Over the last week I have experienced a burning sensation when I pee, once it felt chilling. It is not consistent, and I am no longer experiencing these symptoms, but I am afraid that I have Chlamydia. I am male, so a UTI is probably not to blame. I have no discharge or trouble controlling my bladder, and I feel paranoid and over worried.

Does this sound likely? My test will come back soon, but I'd like to know what you think.


Hi there,

Urinary tract infection doesn’t only happen in women. You have to understand that women may get urinary tract infection more often than men, but men are also prone to urinary tract infection. Have you noticed any changes in the color of your urine? Maybe there is some foul smell in the urine also? Chlamydia is a serious condition and if you had unprotected sex in past several weeks then the chances of Chlamydia are a little high. Symptoms of Chlamydia are usually irritation, discharge and abdominal pain. Burning in when you urinate can also be a symptom. You should be prepared that the test will show positive so inform your self about the treatment.