The symptoms started about 4 weeks ago after a night at a party. Nothing too crazy, I had literally one beer, but was vaping and smoking constantly throughout the party. I woke up that morning in a panic. I felt dehydrated and was vomiting constantly. I had diarrhea and stomach pains. It was literally a living hell. I had what I would assume was a panic attack and thought I was going to need an IV or I was going to die. Went to the doctor and she prescribed me some promethazine for the “stomach bug”. Drank some pedialite and went to bed. Slowly went away, kinda. Since then I have been waking up with a “bubbly” stomach if I’m lucky. Most times it is a lot worse. I wake up around 2:30-3:30 in the morning with severe abdominal pain. I no longer have constant diarrhea but still have the stomach issues (nausea, puking). My weight before this started was 151 lbs and I now weigh 142 lbs. I tend to have occasional breathing issues at night and in the mornings. Heart rate sometimes shoots up and I start to panic. I have a slight pain in my heart upon taking a full, slow breath but that could be normal. I went to the doctor and gave a urine sample and got blood work done. The only thing they said was off was me Vitamin D level which was too low. Went to my psychiatrist and he gave me anti-depressants, which I am taking, but I feel as though they will probably only help with anxiety. I got an ultrasound last week and the doc said everything looked normal. My abdominal pain is very spread out. I doubt it is appendicitis. The pain is very even and cramp like but also causes me to salivate heavily and I get very hot. Notes: I am 17 and take 54 mg Concerta (methylphenidate) and a low dose of Clonodine at night as a sleep aid. I do not have a history of panic attacks but the stomach pains have been going on for years, but very occasional and I have yet to find the direct cause of what caused them, as they were very, very random. The new symptoms are morning by morning sickness, nausea, and panic attacks. Also have experienced a small amount of muscle twitching, I actually found it funny and took a short video. It was a muscle in my upper thigh that I have, to this day, not been able to flex but it almost looked as if it was pulsing. Could be nothing but I am trying not to leave anything out. Most Important Note: all of my symptoms except for my “bubbly” stomach are completely erased upon taking my Concerta. The process is slow but as the day goes on they go away, but only after I take it. (I have taken Concerta for probably 6+ years and Clonodine for just as long.)

Update: My stomach pain is in mostly my lower abdomen and comes in waves. It will happen right around 2:30-6:00 a.m. Sometimes I think it gets worse when I have had milk that day before. I am also noticing a slight pain in my lower right lung area and also right below my right shoulder blade. The pain comes in waves, it is very intense and makes me nauseous and then goes away for about 5 minutes and then comes back. Bowel movements are decently inconsistent.


TL;DR Stomach pain, nausea, puking, breathing troubles, anxiety, 7 gates of