4 nights a go I went to bed at 11, only to awake at 1 to find my self suffering from nausea and vomiting. I couldnt even keep water down and I was ill the next day. By the evening though I felt as though I was over the worst of it. Foolishly, I thought I was okay to eat a small meal and go to bed.

Within an hour of eating, I found myself once again very nauseous and vomiting again. This continued throughout the night and i struggled to sleep. The only relief I got from the nausea was to be sick, so at times even when I wasnt being sick, I was making myself sick for the temporary relief, in the hope I could fall asleep in this period of time. I found my throat burned and it felt as though a lot of the time that vomit and acid was literally stuck in my throat and downwards. (apologies for the graphic image). My boxers felt tight and uncomfortable and my thoughts coincided with symptoms of a fever, my mind racing and struggling to control my thoughts or established what was a dream and what was reality.

The next day again I felt on the mend, ate small amounts of toast and nothing else. I even went to work and struggled through with nausea all day. On the evening I began to feel a lot better, I ate a small amount of fish pie went to sleep. Again though I awoke in the night, this time at 4, the nausea leaving me unable to sleep, restless and uncomfortable. I was sick in very small amounts, although I must note only fluids, the food I kept down.

I slept til around 12 and suffered with nausea throughout the day, until mid afternoon when in truth, I felt fine. A bit weak and tired, but no longer ill. I had a small amount of food and went to bed feeling like confident I had recovered. Yet again though I woke, this time at 2, with the same symptoms, although not as extreme. After some tiny bits of vomiting (again only fluids) I managed to get back to sleep and now I am awake, I feel fine.

I have not suffered with any of the following - stomach ache, fever, headache or any other symptom which I had not mentioned. I visited the doctor who seemed to think I may have food poisoning. Personally I left baffled as to what kind of illness leaves me feeling fine in the day, but wakes me up and night with nausea.

It seems to me although I have not been throwing up food, it has been a contributing factor to my nausea. Is it advisable to starve myself for 24 hours? any advice is appreciate, as my symptoms are so peculiar it is difficult to find advice online.