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i am 4weeks pregnant i had an abortion pill called mifepristone and misoprostol

 firstly i took mefepristone and i feel a little pain in my abdoment after 48hrs i took another 2 tablet of misoprostol and still the bleeding dnt happen, and so after 4hrs i took another 2 tablet of misoprostol, but still the bleeding dnt happen... its been 24hrs now.... and i dnt have any pain bt i feel sleepy the whole day.... is my pill not working or? 

help please am a bit worried..... 


I'm not sure a friend of mind took the pill and with in about 30-45 she was laid across the floor suffering from massive cramps and also age started bleeding it was like a period just with more clots and dark brown blood when she went back for follow up the abortion didn't take all the way so they had to remove the rest of the fetus