I just Wanted to tell my experience of the abortion pill because I too was very scared and read online all the bad things about it so let me tell you the truth! 

I recently just went to the doctor and received my abortion pill. This was actually on Saturday (2 almost 3 days ago) when I took The first pill called Mifepristone in the doctors office. Usually you will take the first pill at the office with your doctor. This is the pill that ends the pregnancy. This pill usually does not give women any side effects and it did not give me any at all. The doctor will then send you home with instructions on how to take the second pill and pain killers to help. 

(Next day) - SOOOO here is the fun part. So between 24-48 hours later, you must take the second pill called misoprostol. This pill will be the pill that causes you to bleed moderate- heavy and flush the baby out. Now I decided to take my second pill exactly 24 hours later just to start the process faster. So let me tell you the TRUTH


when taking the second pill misoprostol, it is very important to follow the instructions given. When taking this pill it will consist of 4 pills in which 2 will go on one side of your cheek and the other 2 on the other side of your cheek. You will place those in your mouth (as instructed) for 30 minutes. They tell you to do it this way so that the medication can dissolve and get into your blood stream. So once you hold the 4 pills in your mouth for 30 minutes you may get a glass of water and swallow the remaining down.  


NOW some advice before taking the second medication.... I took 2 400mg ibuprofen, 30 minutes before taking the misoprostol so that the ibuprofen can already be absorbing the pain to come.....


The doctor told me it may take 1-2 hours before feeling cramps and pain. However I felt it instantly. Now in the beginning for me the bleeding was moderate... normal like a period. The cramps were about 5/10 with a couple of sharp pains but for the most part it was tolerable and very similar to period cramps. Now I’d be lying if I said they didn’t hurt but with my heating pad and me taking my Tylenol codeine every 4 hours and ibuprofen every 3 hours, I was fine! I had light snacks and drinks as I laid down such as tea, water, granola, apple slices, and strawberries. I didnt want to eat much to avoid throwing up. I laid down watched movies and before you know it, it was night time and my cramps were coming in waves at this point. They came and they go. It was nothing to it at all. I was scared for nothing!


Just continue to change your pad, eat light, and do something to keep you occupied. I never had to throw up, had nausea, or had to sit on the toilet because I felt sick. It was literally just moderate cramping to moderate- heavy bleeding. 


The next day (Monday) I felt great. I went walking outside and talked with friends and had a great time. I kept my ibuprofen with me just in case my cramps came back but they barely did. They were like a 2/10 with pain. Nothing I couldnt handle! 


I think my worst side effect was the cramping but the heating pad and pain killers helped! I hope this makes people feel at ease and little more confident in their decision!