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Me and my fiance have been trying to get pregnant. We had unprotected sex back in February on the 12. The day after I had this white discharge and few days later I started getting cramps. However I had taken hpt which came back negative, and also yesterday I got my period, which was a few days late, its darker than usual :/ 

We both cannot wait to be parents, so Im still hoping that I am pregnant. Did any of you ladies had you first period whilst being pregnant? I just hope that my mind is not messing with me! :(


I've known some ladies get their period where there in early pregnancy, also heard that dark periods could be a sign of mc. Best advice is to wait and see an if your trying really hard to be parents just relax and have intercourse daily. Me an my partner tried for months and I didn't fall pregnant until I forgot about getting pregnant cause I was so obssesed with getting pregnant your body doesn't allow you to so just relax and keep trying without getting to into "I want to he pregnant now" and it wil happen :)