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Me and my DH have been trying to conceive we had a MC in November when I was 10 weeks:( I didn't have my first period until 2 months after my d&c, and after that first cycle after my d&c my cycles have been a regular 31 days for the past 3 months. Until this month! We had unprotected sex march 4th and according to the ovulation calculator I was supposed to ovulate the 8th, but on march 5th I noticed small clear jelly blobs like ovulation mucus, is it possible I could have ovulated early? I have had very tender enlarged breasts and have noticed a darker color in my nipples, slightly nauseated, acid reflux, veiny breasts. I am now 9 days late for my period and like I said the past 3 cycles have been very regular. I have had 5 negative hpt so far, any advice?


I was 2 weeks late (14 days) till i got a positive on my pregnancy test, Now i am 5 weeks pregnant, I would wait a full 2 weeks and re test with a HPT. I took a test on day 12 and negative.... 2 days later Positive then i went to the doctor and took a blood test and positive. Wait 2 weeks then take a test if still negative then i would suggest going to the doctor for a blood test :) Good Luck!