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I had a hemorrhoidectomy 12 days ago. I've endured all the horrors others have mentioned. I used Miralax twice a day for 2 weeks before surgery and 2 enemas the day before surgery. I left the hospital with Oxycodone, Valium, and Lydocane 2% gel. I used Miralax as instructed even though I could not eat day 1 or 2 because the nausea was so bad. I was itching as well and stopped Oxy and Valium. Huge mistake! Pain and gas (bloating, pain, gurgling, inability to pass gas) forced me to contact Doc who instructed me to resume Valium, and "piggyback" Motrin and Tylenol every 6hrs. Nausea subsided and pain was manageable. My first BM on day 3 was torture; cold sweats, unbelievable pain, insides feeling like there ripping apart, crying, etc. It exploded out and was diarrhea-like, so luckily only lasted 5mins. Exact same happened 2hrs later. I regretted having the surgery and terrified of future BM's and what the next few week would bring. I am a very strong person and I was now an emotional, hopeless, mess.

On day 4, I found message boards and they have been my lifeline. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted. It matters, you matter, and words cannot describe how helpful you have all been. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I would like to share what has helped me from what I have learned on here, from my doctor, and through trial and error. I hope it helps.

-Motrin and Tylenol are very helpful, but some sort of muscle relaxer is vital to help achieve a BM.

-If your stomach and bowels are empty before surgery you should probably hold off on any stool softeners/laxatives until you have something in your system to soften.

-The best way I've found to get through the BM's:

Talk yourself through it (it will be ok, it will be over soon, I can sitz bath after and read this message board, it will get better, etc.)

Take a sitz bath after (soak at least 10mins)

Read these message boards, it really helps while your sitting there knowing other people have experienced and gotten through this.

Dry your bottom with a hair dryer (the less wiping and patting the better)

Apply Lydocane 5% (5% cream is much better than 2% gel)

Wear a thick overnight pad (the cushion helps)

-Drink at least 64oz water daily (take a glass with meals and medication and you will be good)

-Eating small meals every couple hours helps with nausea related to medications and helps make BM's more bearable.

-Don't sit on the toilet if you don't have the urge to "go", sit in a bath or sitz bathtub instead.

-Small, light chores help to induce BM's (walking up and down stairs, small load of laundry, wash counters, etc)

-Shower nightly (it feels good) and lie bottomless on a towel on your bed for at least 1 hour nightly to air out the wound.

-Slowly introduce foods and fiber back into your diet to reduce gas and cramping), as well as exercise.

Hang in there. It will begin to get noticeably better, slowly but surely, after day 7.


It is great that you have shared your experience about your hemorrhoidectomy and offered advice to people that will or have just had the surgery.  This post will prove very helpful to many people thinking about having the surgery done.  A lot of patients will be looking for information to help them through the post op pain and discomfort, so you have offered very sound advice for them.  I know a lot of the remedies are things I have used in nursing homes for the residents.  It is essential for patients to keep their stools loose.  It will reduce the pain so much.