I had sex two days after I got off my period last month, and we used a condom for part of the time, and then not the rest. Im on birth control but the last two pills I took before the placebo pills of the pack, I took the next day and then missed the last one, so I had only been on my next months pack for two days when I had sex. In the weeks after sex, I felt very bloated, and had strange pains in my lower abdomen sometimes, and then under my ribs. I was very stressed and nervous at the chance I could be pregnant all month. The day I was supposed to get my period I had bare light pink spotting one time, and then it stopped, but my period came during the night that night. My period seemed normal, heavy enough for tampons and normal color, but at night when I usually still heavy, I would wake up and have had hardly any bleeding which was strange. But my period lasted about 5 days which is about normal. But now that my period is done, I still feel very bloated and I have nausea every morning when I wake up. I know that since my period was pretty normal, I should be okay but some people say they have their period and are still pregnant, so I just wanted to get your guys' thoughts