hey everyone I'm freaking out a little bit here.
my period that has always been right on time (I've been on the pill for two years--never missed it by even a day) is now a week late.
This wouldn't bother me so much but I need to start on next months pill-pack soon and I'm scared I'm pregnant and if so the effects the pill may have on a developing fetus.

I took two urine tests one at night and one in the morning because I read it's better to take it then--both came up negative. I did however drink excessively both times so I'd produce enough urine (I just read online that that could effect the results)

So should I take another urine test before I see my doctor? I'm planning on calling and sceduleing an appointment because I'm really worried regaurdless if I'm pregnant or not that my pill-scedule is wacked out. But has this happened to anyone else?

i've read stories of other people getting false negatives or feeling pregnant but none from people that are currently on birth-control. I will admit I haven't been taking it as strictly as I should and definately not at the same time each day. But my boyfriend and I have kept our un-protected sex to a minimum so could it just be a coincidence that I had unprotected sex during ovulation? Because I have nooo idea when I ovulate. If anyone's been through this please help me out! :-)

Some symptoms I am feeling are; tiredness, restlessness at night and hunger at night, weight gain, weird cravings (peanut-butter pickle sandwhich anyone?) a strange feeling in my stomach (not period-like and hard to explain) heartburn, constipation, and oh yeah lack of period. My last period however lasted 4 days and was alot lighter then the others. I'm not sure if this helps any, or if I'm imagining symptoms because I'm paranoid and could these symptoms be anything else? D: