Hi, I have been trying to get pregnant for five years now. Dr.'s tell my I have PCOS (Policystic Ovarian Syndrome). which can cause infertility. Well we never use protection because we hope to get pregnant. My period has been so unregular. One time I had my period for 14 consecutive days, it stopped for 4 days and then I had light period for 10 days. I was just told its part of the PCOS.

Well, that my history, now my real concern is that since I have never been pregnant I dont quite know the symptoms. but for the las 3-4 weeks I have been going to pee constantly, I felt dizzy (a little), and would be feeling a little nauseous. did 3 home pregnancy test and it come back negative. so I left it at that. Then the last few days, i felt completely bloated, my body chubbier than normal, i felt swollen. I am chubby but I noticed my body was getting chubby differently (not sure how to explain, I just know it was different). Well, last night I had big cramps, (I thought it was the tacos) but when I got off the toilet, the toilet was full of blood and blood clots. (I did not go 2) at first I thought it was from my ontestines but then I realized it wasnt. So I thought my period came very heavy.....so I put on two pads for extra protection, I showered and went to sleep. woke up this morning and I dont have my period. just brown residue. Now Im wondering....could this have been a miscarriage? and should I do a blood test? Can a Doctor confirm that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage?


Im confused, sad and scared. Please advice. Thank you.


Best regards,