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Hi, I'm unsure whether I have had a miscarriage or not...

I experienced light spotting for about a week, then suddenly became very heavy; I was also vomiting. Then I had really strong pains in my abdomen and lower back, much worse than usual period pains. When I went to the toilet, a greyish sac-like thing just bigger than a golf ball came out (sorry for the graphic details!). After this, the pain quite swiftly went away, however I have had blood clots for the past few days.

I also missed my last period but I assumed it was because I had just started on the pill and I'm usually pretty irregular anyway.

Could I have had a miscarriage or is it just a weird blood clot thingy and do I need to see a doctor? Also I worked out that the foetus would have been about 9 or 10 weeks.

Any help/advice very appreciated!


You need to make an appointment with your doctor just incase you had a miscarriage. Sometimes there will be left over materials that a doctor will have to do a dnc to remove. Also you could get an infection and/or have some other medical conditions after miscarriage.