I had a tubal 8 years ago. Last month my husband and I had a kid free weekend so we took advantage of it. Two weeks later my boobs started hurting really bad, at first I didn't think anything of it. Then the nauseous feeling came. I remembered those symptoms all to well from my pregnancy with my son. The day before I was to start my period, I started just feeling blah. I went to the bathroom that night and there were 3 pinkish gray circles in the toilet the size of a nickel each. Then the next day I woke up and passed a 3 inch blood clot. I clot when I start but never that big. Then I had bright red blood for three days. I had pain in my back all day which is where I had my labor. Then the next day I had cramps almost like contractions every 10 minutes then every 5 minutes for two hours. Then the next day my period was done and so we're all of the symptoms. I cramped for two more weeks. I went to the doctor. He said it didn't matter if I had a miscarriage or not. I already have my family because I have two healthy children. He also asked me what made me think I was the .1% that gets pregnant after a tubal? He never asked me why I thought this or anything. I need to know. It matters to me. He said it was all in my head. I have never had a miscarriage before and was just wanting answers. From what I read it sounds like one. My aunt is a nurse and she said it sounds like that is what I had too. I just want to know. I have been depressed ever since. Like I lost a part of me.