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I’m new to this web-site but I have a question that hopefully someone could help me with.

I have been off the pill since October 2010 and have been trying to conceive since Jan 2011, we have just been having sex whenever and not necessarily around time of ovulation.  But recently I have been taking notes and charting when I am ovulating. 

So in Feb and April we had sex when I was ovulating.  Then in both instances my period came early (2 days) very heavy, bright red and lots of large clots.  The bleeding also lasted longer than usual (6-7 days) normal for me is 4-5 days. 

In feb I went to see the doctor as I was worried, and I was also experiencing intense cramping in my left ovary.  She took a pregnancy test, twice and they both showed a faint positive?! She also took a blood test, but that came back negative.  So it was left at that.

This month (May 2011) my period also came on really heavy the first day, then there was just brownish (which is normal for me) for the next few days, then on day 5 the cramps were unbearable, (it seemed to be coming from left ovary again) and when I went to the toilet the red blood was back and the clots were plentiful. I am on day 7 today and there is still spotting.

I am just wondering if this is just a coincidence that when we did it around ovulation my period came earlier, heavier, redder and more clots than all the other previous months. Or could it have been a very early miscarriage, that the fertilised egg didnt attach? if thats possible?!

Thanks for your help.


Hi and welcome! 
There is a possibility that a very early miscarriage happens (that would be any miscarriage before at least 4 weeks of pregnancy), so in your case if that was what happened you would have been barely two weeks pregnant. In those early miscarriages periods usually come a little bit late, even though that is not any certain clue as to what is happening. But, the fact that your periods have been longer and heavier ever since you stopped using birth control pills, might suggest that there is some other condition, like polycystic ovaries or some other hormonal disturbance that is causing your periods to be this much different now and hormones from the pill were controlling that condition. I would suggest you to go and have a check-up at gyno's - it's always better to know what exactly is going on before you try to conceive.


Every women is different, mine was only 4 days, but some say their miscarriages were like periods that were longer AND heavier.

Was their clotting?

The fact that you got the positive results means you def. were pregnant, so go back to the doctor and they can re-test and see what your hormone levels are now.