I have been having swellings that just come out of nowhere. Sometimes it itches just before it swells. Not every time. I just woke up this morning again and I look horrible! It's just above both eyes! This has been going on since October. It all started when my foot just all of the sudden itched like crazy. Shortly later it swelled. I'v been to the emergency room 2 times. One when in PA for Thanksgiving! They had to remove my wedding ring because my hand swelled. Now I have to wear it on my neck. on a chain! I'v also been to Immediate Care when my cheek swelled. The doctors have had me on Prednisone  and Benedryl. Feels like forever. I don't like the Prednizone especially. When I take it about 2 hours later my body shakes uncontrollably. The Benedryl sometimes makes me sleepy and lightheaded. NOTHING IS NEW ie food,soap,etc. My doctor is sending me to an allergist specialist on Monday. They don't want me to take any Benedryl for 4 days before my appointment or it could give false positives. EVERY TIME I STOP I SWELL SOMEWHERE! So far I'v had to take it twice. Yesterday because my cheek swelled and this morning because of my face! So much for not taking it for 4 days. My doctor says JUST TELL THEM YOU HAD TO TAKE IT. They may not be able to do anything. I'll find out. Anyway...Yesterday at a different time my forehead started to itch. I put an ice cube on right away. It worked. The itching stopped and so did the swelling. I think it's because I got it right away.  They think it might be an allergic reaction to Propranalol that I take for benign essential tremor.  I'v been taking it since 2000. The last time I took it was on November 25th. I would think that if it were that the swelling should have stopped by now. I've read other fellow sufferers posts in the forum on this web sight. You all described exactly what I've been going through. I tried to get back into it but I couldn't so I'm writing this here. Please- write me back. Please let me know if anyone has anything new to help. In the meantime I will be praying for the Lord's wisdom, comfort, and peace for all of us. Thank You  Deb