About 5 years ago I starting having allergic reactions to foods I’ve eatin my whole life. I found it very odd that I started developing allergies to foods at 32 years old. After undergoing an allergy panel almost everything they tested me for had little or a lot of reaction. So cut most of that out of my diet. (5 years later.....) Now this last summer I started having reactions to vegetables! Went to the allergist and she said she thought it was the pollen in the vegetables. Explains the here in the Northwest we were experiencing the highest pollen counts we’ve had in over 20 years. She advised me to make sure I throughly cook my vegetables. No raw veggies. This last Friday I had some vegetables in my stir fry and woke up Saturday morning looking like Quasimodo. My eyes, nose, mouth, throat, glands even  my espashagus felt swollen. KeepGot up took Benedryl, Zyrtec and Ibouprofen cause I had a excruciating head/neck ache.  Sunday woke up about 50% better. Monday still about 50% and headed to my drs office. Got a cortisteroid shot and some prednisone. Now going on day 3 of prednisone but am still waking up with just swollen lips. It seems to go down by about noon everyday but just wake up and they are swollen again. Today I am also experiencing some fighting in my chest/esophagus area again. I have an appointment tomorrow for the allergist but they said they can’t run anymore tests until I’ve been off prednisone for 30days so I’m just at a stand still for now I guess and unsure of what  eating or in my environment that is causing this reaction. Best of luck to everyone   with this swollen lip issue. I’m hoping to get my lips under control. I already have been blessed with really full lips so having them swollen looks ridiculous