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I have been experiencing swelling of the body and closing of my throat since 2005. I've been to several Allergists, first they did random tests for food allergies and the regular allergy test. They called it the unknown allergies, they started treating me with Prednisone plus I have an epipen with me at all time. Now they have taken me off the steroids cause it's also not healthy being on it for a long time and they gave me benadryl which is a joke cause it takes very long to be effective plus it makes me drowsy. I can't live a normal life and I'm absent from work very often especially when my feet are swollen and I cannot walk. I need another alternative, something there has to be another way of knowing the causes and solutions.


When someone swells up and their throte closes up it's most likely something you've eaten, it can be anything from a food additives ether in processed or even fresh foods or from latex or any medications or medicines, you need  to take a good look at what you eat, do you use anything like latex gloves? what medicines or maybe indigestion stuff do you use?. It might even be sprays, perfumes, lotions you put in your skin, cleaning products, anything you can sniff in or eat or put on your skin usually causes swelling and your throat  to close up, you have to put total effort into figuring out what it is, if you use deodorant spray switch to a natural roll on and see what happens for a bit, if you still have this then it's not the deodorant, then start with perfumes and stop using it for a bit and see what happens, if still no success move onto face lotions, again if no success then move onto switching cleaning products to natural products 1 at a time, if still no success then switch to the medicines and foods you eat eliminating them 1 at a time, including fresh foods, it will take a bit to figure out what it is but worth it once  you figure out what your allergic to, if you use latex gloves id stop using those for a bit.