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I will be leaving for Parris Island soon to start my recruit training for the Marines. I have 30 days to get 1 1/2 mile(s) in 13min.

Currently I am running everyday at a track that is .7 (7/10 of a mile) in approx 7min with taking like a 10 second break in the middle because I run out of breath. I will be honest and say I get really out of breath at the end.

I am wondering if there is anyone that can give me sort of a training program or guide to reach this goal. I believe I can make it well before my goal date but thats what I am shooting for. I need to work on endurance then speed, any tips?

Goal: 1 1/2 mile in 13 min in 1 month.


right now dont just try to got fast... take a 20- 30 min jog... just build up some endurance first. Runn every day doing a jog and time ur self once or twice a week and see if ur making progress. BUt right now u just need 2 make a base if ur getting tired on a 7/10 mile course. So try going on a good jog just a pace that is comfortable and ur still pushing ur self and maye the last minute or two pick up the pace!!!

w/b and let me know if u want help with any work outs but id saying getting a base would be good first...