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My sites are set on the Clarion River Half Marathon the first weekend in April. This is the training program I have put together to prepare for it. I ran a half in Sept. and finished in 2:02, wanna do this one in 1:50, think this can help get me there??? These first five weeks are merely a continuation of the base building I have been doing for the last few months, getting my mileage up to a respectable level.

lsd 10------ez4---------6-----------R-----------6-----------R----------ez4
lsd 6-------ez4---------6-----------R-----------6-----------R----------ez4
lsd 8-------ez4---------6-----------R-----------6-----------R----------ez4
lsd 10------ez4---------6------------R-----------6----------R----------ez4
lsd 12------ez4---------6------------R-----------7----------R----------ez4

Now for 15 weeks of harder preparation. For the first 6 weeks, Tuesday is hill workout day with 1:30 minute repeats uphill with 2:30 back down to start. Thursday is tempo runs with 4 x 1 mile repeats at tempo pace, right now approx. 8:30 min/miles

lsd 8------ez4-------6 w/3 x Hills----R---------6T---------R-----------ez4
lsd 10-----ez4-------6 w/4 x hills----R---------6T---------R-----------ez4
lsd 12-----ez4-------6 w/5 x hills----R---------6T---------R-----------ez4
lsd 10-----ez4-------6 w/4 x hills----R---------8T---------R-----------ez4
lsd 12-----ez4-------6 w/5 x hills----R---------6T---------R-----------ez4
lsd 14-----ez4-------6 w/6 x hills----R---------6T---------R-----------ez4

Now 7 weeks consisting of more speed work. Tuesday's will be Speed form runs with 1/4 mile repeats at approx. 1:47 pace with 1/4 mile recoveries. Thursdays will be Max VO2 runs with 1/2 mile repeats at approx. 3:50 pace.

lsd 6------ez4-------6 w/6 x 1/4----R-----6 w/3 x 1/2----R----------ez4
lsd 8------ez6-------6 w/7 x 1/4----R-----8 w/4 x 1/2----R----------ez4
lsd 10-----ez6-------6 w/8 x 1/4----R-----8 w/5 x 1/2----R----------ez4
lsd 12-----ez6-------6 w/7 x 1/4----R-----8 w/4 x 1/2----R----------ez4
lsd 8-------ez4------6 w/8 x 1/4----R------6 w/5 x 1/2----R---------ez4
lsd 14-----ez6-------6 w/9 x 1/4----R-----6 w/6 x 1/2----R----------ez4
lsd 16-----ez6-------6 w/8 x 1/4----R-----8 w/5 x 1/2----R----------ez4
lsd 13-----ez4-----------ez5----------R-----7w/6 x 1/2----R----------ez4
lsd 10-----ez4------------R---------ez4-----------R--------ez2-------RACE

So, whaddaya think. Any ideas for improving on this program, or maybe changing the hills or speed work. I gotta have my 2 rest days and they gotta be on wed. and fri. My work schedule demands it.

Ok, enough...thoughts anyone.


Your plan seems to be pretty well thought out and I applaud you for setting a goal for yourself and developing a plan to get there.
I really like the first two phases of your plan. I would however, suggest a couple of changes to the last phase. Since a half-marathon is run at or around your Lactate Threshold, you'll see the greatest benefit by improving your threshold.
To this end, I'm not sure that you'll get much benefit out of the 400m repeats that you couldn't get by throwing a couple of strideouts into one of your easy workouts. After developing your threshold with tempo runs in the 2nd phase you don't have anything designed to maintain that level during your last phase. To that end I'd replace the 400s with a tempo run or if your prefer run cruise intervals of 1200-1600m.
For the Thursday workout, I'd mix it up a little. Maybe 800s one week and then maybe an mid-week longish run of 8-10 the following week at around your goal pace the next week.
Finally, for me personally I'd taper a little more aggressively the last couple of weeks. I'd prefer runs of 14-15, 11-12, 8-10 for your lsd during the last 3 weeks. I'd also add another rest day during the last 2 weeks and bag the 800 repeats during the 2nd to last week.
Best of luck...let us know how your training progresses.


1 additional thought: you might also consider adding a few practice races of 5-15K into your schedule...these will help build your confidence, give you a chance to test race strategy and also help you evaluate the current state of your training. These can also take the place of your speed workouts for the week. Try to look for a couple of races to insert into your schedule in particular during the later stages of training...



What Mega said. I, personally, would add a rest day the day before the race, but that's just me.


:x I had written out a long response....but lost it.

Let me wrap it up, in a nutshell:

Listen to megawill. I won't even subtle hint......dump the short interval need two things changed in your plan 1) add threshold runs (Megawill stated this...I strongly advise it) 2) more miles. Your race is in April........starting at 30 mpw? you should easily and safely build up to 45+ by the time you enter your last phase of training. According to your schedule. Your first phase, which is base are starting at 30 and building to 33 mpw. Need to be more aggressive here on getting the mileage UP.

This is easier done with only 2 hard workouts/4 ez ones.....yes, that means 6 days of running---not five!


sun--long (and I don't always mean LSD.....but we'll worry about that later)
wed--LT or cruise intervals------trash the track stuff, you're doing a 1/2!
thurs EZ
friday---off or ez
saturday--off or ez least 2 ez days before something hard...and this schedule is sooooo flexible. As you stated Weds are going to be tough for an important run....switch it to Thursday LT run..see you still have two ez runs in-between.

also....I like the run before race day....but that's me. You need to do a few races to figure out if its best to take the day off one day before or two....or maybe both. I know when my mileage was lower...I took the 2 days off but made sure I had at least a two mile warm-up on race day. Now I take 2 day off before and do 4-6 miles ez the day before.

:P So when you got that base built up and you are doing your hill/base training, come see me about some this LT runs. They are so much fun . I don't call them LT runs.....I call them the w/o from hell!