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When a boy is young you are faccinated with your own penis, but what if something isn't right? My single parent mother didn't tell me anything about foreskin or anything till I saw porn for the first time, I couldn't retract the foreskin back and it was very tight. Telling my doctor he said it was normal and pulled on my foreskin hard hurt soooooo bad, but with some training its been fine, only problem is there is a lot of foreskin and it just about sometime stays under the head when errect for a short period of time before it covers the tip again, and during intercourse it feels like the vaginal wall has trapped my foreskin and I'm moving my penis back and forth inside.

Has anyone else got this discomfort? And is circumcision a wise idea even tho I can pull it back all the way?


There is a growing movement among some men to resist circumcision in all cases, claiming that the loss of feeling is something to be mourned.

It's a shame that your single parent couldn't have taught you more about your genitals or what to do or expect.

However, it's great that you sought out a doctor. I'm sorry to hear that he was rough on you, but his professional option matters a lot.

If you're weighing options to be cut or not, there are other alternatives... including continued stretching to loosen up the foreskin.

Or, have you considered a "dorsal slit"? This allows for extra room to retract the foresking, but doesn't eliminate the ability for it to slide back in place.

Again, a doctor's inspection and recommendation is best in this matter.
If your doctor didn't advise you on this, or won't consider it, try another doctor after doing some research to find out who will discuss it.

Good luck, and let us know how this comes out, OK? ;-)


I am yet to see someone truly answer this question anywhere on the internet. Or even understand the question in the first place. Having a loose foreskin is something I experience, and know exactly what you are talking about as far as the intercourse part. Sadly i cant offer any answer as to how it can be fixed without circumcision. But what i can tell you is that no matter how many times, or in how many different ways you phrase it, will anyone be able to give you an answer. The only answer you will receive is one that outlines how there are ways to stretch the foreskin to loosen it, and to deal with a TIGHT foreskin. Which if people actually read the question in detail would find is not the issue. The issue is a far too loose foreskin. We are not looking to stretch the foreskin at all, we are interested in the complete opposite. Tightening the foreskin around the shaft of our penis to create an easier time for us during sexual intercourse, and reduce hassle with a condom if using one. 


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It sounds like you are misinformed about how the foreskin is supposed to work during intercourse. Maybe because you have been watching porn and mistakenly thinking it is a medical instruction video.

When you insert the penis to it's full depth in the vagina your foreskin should be all the way back so the head is fully exposed inside the vagina. As you pull outward the head is supposed to slide back inside the foreskin. So as you thrust in and out it is sliding in and out of the foreskin. This prevents irritation to the walls of the vagina which can happen when the bare head is rubbed against it. Your partner gets the sensation of the head going in and out without the accompanying discomfort/pain of being rubbed raw and you get the feeling of the bare head entering the soft cavity where it belongs without getting rubbed raw on the vaginal walls.

The wonderful thing about our sex organs is they still work, even if we do mutilate them to satisfy religious customs or sadistic tribal rites or if they are just plain malformed.



And it's a good thing that it works in all cases too, njoynlife.... the fate of the human race depends upon it!:-D


I have the same problem. DId you ever find a solution?


Your loose foreskin sounds normal and healthy. The vaginal wall is supposed to hold the foreskin. The foreskin reduces friction and allows better sex for both male and female.

Adult circumcision is an elective surgical operation to injure the penis and reduce its size and sensation by cutting off the nerve-laden sexually sensitive foreskin. Adult circumcision is usually performed with a general anesthetic however local anesthetic may be used. Like all surgical operations, it has risks of hemorrhage, infection, and surgical mishap. Loss of the penis has been known to occur. Death has been known to occur.

The foreskin is a complex double-layered structure composed of smooth muscle fiber, skin, mucosa, nerves, arteries, and veins. It is natural, normal, healthy, and its possession contributes to a sense of well-being. The foreskin has protective, sensory, sexual, and immunological functions. It is loaded with nerves and is the site of most of the penile sensation. The foreskin is a “specific erogenous zone.” The foreskin is essential for normal intercourse. Foreskin provides the additional skin needed to allow for penile expansion during erection. Amputation of the foreskin, which is an integral and important part of the penis has very significant adverse sexual and emotional effects.
Nature put the foreskin there to provide at least thirteen functions:

1. to cover and bond with the synechia so as to permit the development of the mucosal surface of the glans and inner foreskin.
2. to protect the infant's glans from feces and ammonia in diapers.
3. To protect against disease causing pathogens.
4. to protect the glans penis from friction and abrasion throughout life.
5. to keep the glans moisturized and soft with emollient oils.
6. to lubricate the glans.
7. to coat the glans with a waxy protective substance.
8. to provide sufficient skin to cover an erection by unfolding.
9. to provide an aid to masturbation and foreplay.
10. to serve as an aid to penetration.
11. to reduce friction and chafing during intercourse.
12. to serve as erogenous tissue because of its rich supply of erogenous receptors.
13. to contact and stimulate the G-spot of the female partner.

It is normal to keep the foreskin forward over the head for protection.
Circumcision is an injurious, damaging, destructive, and harmful surgical operation that cuts through nerves and blood vessels that feed blood to the penis. The operation is irreversible. You will have the rest of your life to mourn your loss of your erogenous foreskin.
The foreskin is filled with nerves that make it the most sensitive part of the human body, therefore, cutting into it is very painful.
It takes about six weeks to recover from an adult circumcision. But you will never fully regain the lost protection, sexual function, sensation, and sexual pleasure, even if you restore your foreskin.
The cost is about $2,500. Circumcision may be carried out under local or general anaesthesia.

If you should become interested in restoring your foreskin, a search on the Internet for “foreskin restoration” will produce lots of information.

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Hi. I’m just wanting to ask a few questions if that’s not too personal? My little boy has very loose foreskin and I can’t find anything about it or how it may develop as he grows (he isn’t yet 2). As mentioned below everything is about a tight foreskin that won’t retract which is completely the opposite. It’s so loose it rarely covers the tip of his penis and I do worry about how it will develop and whether early intervention is better or wait and see how things go as he grows. I just worry about infection and things getting underneath that will make it uncomfortable.


You may have to worry about infection untill he hits a older age like 4 or 5 but I have the same thing and I'm 23 now I haven't had any problems what so ever if anything it helps alot when cleaning and during intercourse only thing you have to worry about is infection if he's not potty trained but he will have to wash it about 2 times a day at his age I would just use warm water and gently solash on since it's still vary fragile


I meant splash it