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Hello everyone. First I would like to say i have not had unprotected sex this month. But. My boyfriend could have possibly fingered me with sperm on his hands 4 to 6 days before my ovolation. But he did wipe his fingers off and put them in his mouth before. Plus there was possibly some spermicidle lube left over from sex we had minutes before in my vagina at the time. Anyways... Well... At 13dpo i took a pregnancy test and it was negitive. Then at 14dpo i started my "period" or "implantation bleeding" I woke up at about 4:30 with blood on my panties not soaked... But deff not spotting. Anyways the first day i had cramps and it was a medium flow and on the second day i had cramps and a medium flow half a day and light flow the other half. At 16dpo i took another pregnancy test and it was also negitive. Today is my 3rd day and i have had a light flow. My boobs hurt about a week before my "period" or implantation bleeding" but they stoped hurting yesterday. I dont really have any other symthoms of pregnancy but my period is lighter and i dont know why. Do you think im pregnant?



I don't think your pregnant, sounds like a lighter than your used to period.  Period's are for the most part the same but some months can be much heavier or lighter, some months you can be pain free no PMS and others cramps and really bad mood swings, it just happens like that.  Plus you have taken a test which has shown a negative result so you should be fine.<3