My cycle was slightly shorter than usual this month. I started getting AF type cramps at 14dpo with some light brown spotting only when wiping. It then turned pale pink. Started light bleeding only 2 drops on 15dpo and 16dpo. then stopped all together. Af expected at 12dpo. Never had spotting before AF ever. Usually a heavy day of bleeding on the first day that then goes to light the following days

BB's were slightly tender, stuffed nose, very emotional and moody. Cramps subsided by 17dpo. Stomach was very noisy and fluttery. AF Pain was deep and low. Extremely tired.

Did a HPT at 14 dpo at 11pm after drinking water to force myself to pee - got a BFN... Is there a chance that I am pregnant or would the neg result still stand? My FF chart told me to wait to test until Monday which would be 19dpo.