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About 3months ago I started itching and about a month ago little bumps started appearing all over my body...they are a lil bigger around my vagina though and sometimes they itch...i dont know they are there unless I touch them...the doctor disgonsed me with scabies but the lotion works fora couple days and it comes back....should I be concerned??? ? I was tested for stds in august but I was clean...I feel likeI have a yeast infection but I amnot sure....and would that makemy whole body itch??


Yeast wouldn't itch all over the body. Yeast like hidden places like the genitals, armpits or feet, even breasts and nipples and it doesn't cause any bumps. if you had yeast in your vaginal area, it would be red, itchy, painful, flaky and you would probably have a smelly discharge.

No bumps are associated with yeast infection. Scabies are contagious and they do itch very much. They also cause pimple-like bumps. SCAbies too like these hidden and cracky places on the body.

There is anti-scabies cream that is applied on the whole body and left for at least 10 hours and you are about to repeat that treatment in a week again.