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Hi. I'm 15 years old and I've been recently having some problems during menstruation. I usually wear a pad when I have my period and after one or two days of menstruation, my vagina lips would start getting really itchy. There are also some bumps – they’re like little mosquito bites – and there’s quite a lot of them. When I itch it, it becomes more itchy and sometimes it starts to burn and it’s disturbing my sleep and daily activities. I realized that this only happens when I have menstruation and the bumps disappear when my period ends and it stops itching.


I’m wondering whether it could be a yeast infection or if I’m allergic to pads or something like that? If it’s a yeast infection, are there any home remedies for it? I don’t want to go to a doctor unless I’m desperate since it’s quite expensive to see a doctor where I live.


Try switching to a different brand of sanitary napkins, or using unscented ones. It could very well be an allergic reaction. You can even try wearing the pads on the off days and see if you still get irritated. 

If you have BV it will cause discharge, a foul smelly odor, and after sex or during menstruation your vagina can itch, but I don't think you develop bumps. So I think the pad is irritating you.