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my vagina stinks a lot....wat is d reason nd wat can i do to prevent it????


Depeding on wether or not you are sexually active and IF you have ever had unprotected sex, you need to get tested for an STD/STI - just to rule that in or out! NOW if you have NEVER been sexually active, then it will be a VERY bad Yeast Infection! So this is what you will need to do!

1. Get the 7 day Yest infection kits - nothing less than 7 days - due to the strong odor!
2. Wash your vagina and area with a non scented antibacterial face wash - you can find those in the same aisle as yeast infection kits! NON SOAP and NON SCENTED!!
3. Wear ONLY cotton underwear, washed with no scented and non bleaced products
4. dont wear tight clothes
5. start taking probiotics = ESPECIALLY in yogurt, or you can take Acidopholus pills!
6. Try to cut out ALL sugars till you are better then try and eat less sugar! - the sugar feeds the yeast!

Due to the fact that you have such a severe infection you might need 2 pacs! Either way give it a good go, and keep the area clean EVERY day! Do NOT have sex at ALL while this is healing - as there is proof that your partner can give it back to you! Which makes sense! So see how the 1st 7 day pack goes and you should be fine! Good luck and healht!