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Hi, I have been having some vaginal irritation for the past 2-3 weeks. It started with some mild itching, I was afraid i was getting a yeast infection so I went to the doc who said I had vaginosis and gave me a cream. Itching got worse so I went back to my gyno this time (PCP before) who said it looked like i was irritated and gave me boric acid suppositories. he also did a culture for herpes which was negative. The itching has mostly subsided but now I am having a clear/white mucus like discharge as well as I noticed what seems to be a thicker yeast like discharge on the outter lips. Now it seems like I am getting a yeast infection. I am also having some light cramping that I am not even sure is related (I just had my period during the middle of all this too!). I have a folllow-up appt in a few days but I was curious if anyone has had this issue and has any suggestions.



Hi hon! You need to go to the pharmacy and get a full 7 day yeast infection medicine - such as the suppositories and the cream! Continue this till the end - as yeast will come back right away! While on this, increase your intake of Acidopholus - your body has obviously a high amount of Yeast! So you need to counteract this by taking Acidopholus and Probiotic, and cut down on sugar - which is a food for yeast! Do not drink alcohol - due to the sugar and yeast! This should clear it up, also wear cotton underwear, and cleanse the area with a soapless cleanser - such as Spectrogel or Physioderm! This should go away after you have completed the medicine! Good luck and health1