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i was sitting down stairs and felt i had something stuck in my throat  and when i coughed a load of blood came up it was like water , it flooded all over the place i ran upstairs and then coughed it up again this time it had mucus in it , what does this mean ? I have had a biopsy on my larex last year as i had a cyst   down in my larex could it be to do with this ? there was loads of blood what  do i do ? please , i am so scared please help me i dont know what to do 


Katherine, this is not something you want to put off. Even if it is a benign cyst you want to get this checked asap. I am sorry that I can't help you over the internet as much as I'd like to because I am limited to what info I can put about what I do and how I could help you. If your financial situation helps alternative approach might be better but you have to decide what is right for you. Write back and let me know what your thoughts are perhaps we can take one step at a time. Give me your age, weight and height and a little info about yourself in terms of health background.