I had opp to left hip total metel replacement on 12 Nov 2007.all was ok untill Jan ? 2008 when pain started.seen concultent many times. Ihave had, X rays. Nukuler X rays, trapped nerve tests, injections, all kinds of tests. bucket load of pills that have done nothing for me.now waitting for a micro injection veea X ray ? Q.... are the N H S people just gessing what to do next, or do all hip replacments go down this road. I am in server pain, can not walk. need help in/out of bath. help to get up/down stairs. help to wash feet. help to put socks on/off.cannot depress clutch on car so now need to get help to get around. cannot play with grand children. as i always hert. last at work 9 Nov 07. before the opp, held down a job roofing for over 40 years. hip pain for last 5/6 years but never lost a day from work ? can you tell me, what has gone wrong. if not, someone out ther might help.