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Even those who are time-poor can fit more hours into the day. It's a simple concept, but it can be difficult to get your head around - get rid of the pointless stuff that takes up too much time, giving you more time to enjoy the important things in life.

There's no way to physically add more hours to the day - let's face it, we're not going to wake up tomorrow with 25 hours to kill rather than 24. But you can fit more stuff into your day by making the boring stuff - the admin stuff, the emails, the work stuff - shorter. You might not think that you have any time, and you might not think that you can be any more productive than you already are, but chances are, you can. There are plenty of things you can do to squeeze more time into the day, so read our seven tips to find out how to make more time in your day.

Get Rid of the Big Chunks

Big chunks that aren't being put to good use - now, in this context, "good use" really depends on what you determine to be good use - are wasted time. If lounging around with your family is good use, then make more time for it. If watching television for a few hours is good use, go for it. If you spend loads of time doing nothing - surfing Facebook, browsing the net or reading news article after news article, there are plenty of ways to cut it down.

If TV is your problem, instead of cutting it out completely, cut it down to your must-see shows and films.

Set aside an hour of the day to catch up, then move onto something else. If the internet is your problem, turn it off. If you're working, you don't need to be able to look at Facebook. Turn off the internet on your phone if you're likely to pick that up and use it instead.

Work Vs. Play

If work takes up too much of your time - which it is liable to, because after all, it's what you do to make a living - there are a few things you can do to be more productive and therefore, to squeeze more time into your day. Get into the habit of checking your emails twice a day, once in the morning and once at about 3pm. Put a note into your email signature that you'll reply to emails within 24 hours. You also need to work smarter. If you're working for someone else, don't do everything that you normally do in eight hours in two as you'll be given additional work that you might not be able to cope with. But if you work for yourself, think about outsourcing some of your work or turn down jobs that aren't paying the right rates.

Boring Stuff

We all have loads of boring stuff that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. But you can shave time off your daily or even weekly chore list.

Spend 15 minutes a day dusting, cleaning the kitchen or vacuuming and you won't have to spend hours cleaning at the weekend.

If you can afford to, hire a maid! In terms of admin - paying the bills, sending letters, arranging household expenses, designate two hours per week to doing it. Keep any correspondence that comes in during the week in a specific spot, then know that you'll deal with it in that timeslot.

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