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had hammertoe surgery on the 14th, dr said surgery site is very red, and swollen.  he will watch it for 4 days.

how can i fight infection naturally untill the doc actually moves forward for certain if there is infection for sure.

are there vitamins or minerals i can load up on to fight infection?


Hello cc,

Yes, vitamins and minerals are important to fighting off infections both bacterial and viral.  Vitamins and minerals help to run your metabolic pathways.  I would take a good quality miltivitamin and contains all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanicals.  I'm not going to suggest a particular one as there are so many.  Just remember, to some extent you get what you pay for so don't buy a cheap generic brand.  That's my best advice to you.  Hope that helps.  Hope your toe heals well.