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hey everyone, the past two months i got this "period" on the 10th of sept, wasnt suppose to start my period for two weeks.. It lasted ten days, was very light for 7 days then heavyish for the next 3..
I have been having many pregnancy symptoms but hpt are coming up negative.
I get headaches, sometimes nausous, back ache, hip pains sometimes, leg cramps, peeing a lot more, wanting to eat a lot too, and weird twinges n cramps in my lower abdomen and sore/tender breats n nipples and feeling tired in the day.. I am suppose to start my period on the 20th of this month but it never came last month.. Pls help me on this one!! i need some adivce, thanks!:-)


You don't say when you last had sex, or relevant sex pertinent to the calendar you outline, or whether or not you're on birth control, or partner was using condoms etc., none of which would change the situation within your body, but might give a bit of a better sense of how reasonable it was to expect a possible pregnancy.

As it is, all I can really suggest is that you've got a bit of a vigorous debate going on between who's right, your tests or your body.

Ultimately, you don't offer any indication of concern - scared you might be pregnant - so if you're comfortable with that, or hoping to be pregnant, all I can really offer is that sooner or later your body or your tests will coincide: either your symptoms will dissipate, and you'll revert to non-pregnant normality; or your pregnancy will be so well established that finally the tests start getting the right result.

We could start inventing bizarre what-if scenarios, but ultimately it's down to two cells, now hopefully (if that is the accurate term) implanted in your womb, oblivious to the confusion and alarm they've caused elsewhere.

I have to point out, that if you had your period on the 10th sep, it lasted 10 days to 20th sep, then assuming a 14 day wait to ovulation / fertility, that says that the first egg after a period is 3rd oct, way too early for this egg to be relevant and testable, until after your noted next period, 20th of the month.

Likewise you say you missed your last period, but experienced heavy bleeding around the 17th to 20th sept - which backing from the 20th of oct is obviously reasonably appropriate for being your 'last' period, so regardless of whether it felt normal or not, your body clearly dissolved the lining in a presumably normal way, including losing any attached egg.

As such, we're down to (three) scenarios eventually:

this month's egg (3rd oct or thereabouts) was impregnated, and will become testable after the 20th

last month's egg (3rd sep presumably approximately) was impregnated, followed by bleeding

last month's egg (3rd sep) was not impregnated, followed by bleeding

In the first instance (3rd oct) you can test from the 20th approx, and if the symptoms of pregnancy are consistent with that timing, all well and good.

In the second, it is possible, perhaps and may explain the symptoms, that you impregnated, the body began adjusting, but also quickly lost the egg, so that you have both the ongoing adjustment for pregnancy, possibly, and the loss of the egg in a quasi-normal period

In the third, the period may have felt unusual, but ultimately was normal, and the symptoms are unexplained.

Maybe I've missed something, but if any of those scenarios make sense, I'm delighted.

Common sense suggests that if you haven't resolved the issue by a pregnancy test / return to normal after the nominal period on the 20th of this month, or if you're still or otherwise, concerned, then you should go see your doctor or visit a clinic.


Sorry that i didnt say when i last had sex..
I cant remember the exact dates but the time i had sex were from augest 27-sept 11th, and my boyfriend and i dont use protection and he came in me everytime we had sex. I was on bc for a month but was also taking an acne medication that makes bc ineffective, so thats why i thought i may be pregnant. My period only last 7 days ever since i got it.. I've had the symptoms since Sept 10th.. There hasnt been any sex involved since my boyfriend went back to afghanistan on sept12th.... maybe you are right, maybe i am just imagining these pregnancy symptoms, will see what happens when my period is suppose to arrive. Any more info i missed out on giving you pls let me know.


Well, it's kind of weird - if the last time you had sex was basically the same time as the september 'period', it's difficult to see how pregnancy could seriously be an issue. And yet the symptoms also date from that time. It's like you're living in a parallel universe - which isn't impossible, it's just not really the topic for a health and pregnancy forum!

I'd give yourself the credit for feeling deeply enough about him and about your future together that feeling pregnant is the closest you can get to making sure he gets home safe and sound, and you enjoy a life together. That's just a hokey new-ager speaking, but it's heartfelt.

That's a messed up situation out there we (UK) have people out there too, and personally I'd rather send the politicians out and have the soldiers home. You'll be in my thoughts. Hope it works out for you both.


Ok the reason i thought i was pregnant in sept was because i had my period on augest 20th n ended it 7 days later.. and around the sept 10th period i would of been ovulating so i guess i may have thought that would have been some type of implantaion bleeding. And also, i know hes going to come home safe, i dont need to think im pregnant to "think" hes coming home safe, but thanks for your input. Ps.. i forgot to put in that when i was on the sept 10th period, it would stop every couple hours, which never happens to me, but i think i will just consult my doctor again about this!


No worries, and it wasn't intended as a criticism, or diagnosis of mental whatever, simply a reflection that crossed my mind in the early hours of the morning. A very rational and down to earth doctor friend of mine really got that, when she shared an experience of mine from thousands of miles away in New York to my London, and called me to ask what was going on.

Hollywood makes a lot of money out of hokey stories - just for some of us that level of connection is natural and real. Certainly wasn't intended to disturb, alarm or hurt, though I appreciate that on reflection should have stuck to the real, on this website.

My apologies, no harm or insult was intended.