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Hi I'm currently 27 years old. About 2 weeks ago I started my nipples started becoming extremely sensitive and I was very emotional...constantly crying and laughing at the same time. I was suppose to have my period on 4/22 but I only had 1 day of brown spotting. The last period I had was 3/22. Within 2 days I then had EXTREME bloating (felt like I was 5 months pregnant....although I have never been pregnant ever so I don't know what it is like) followed by increased appetitite and thirst, constantly burping, urinating frequently, low grade fever (99.1), achy and joint pain, slight acne breakout, mild headaches with mild nausea (NO vomitting), breast enlargement, mid back pain, abdominal discomfort...more so on upper abdominal area and right side (sometimes shooting pain), fatigue, SOB when walking up/down the stairs or when bending over and getting back up. I thought to myself I have to be pregnant. I googled the internet and found that all of my symptoms were matching up to being pregnant. I did several urine pregnancy tests and they have all come out NEGATIVE. I then went to Planned Parenthood and they did a urine test which came out negative and I did blood work but was told I had to wait 7 days. They also told me that I had a UTI and bacterial vaginal infection and they gave me a Sulfamethox-tmp and Clindamycin. I felt that they just brushed me aside and felt frustrated that they didn't think I was pregnant when I was having all these symptoms. The nurse also told me maybe I was depressed, which I knew I wasn't and told me that maybe I should speak to a counselor.

Then 3 days ago I started having tissue-like blood in my urine (looked like shredded pieces of toilet paper) and my abdominal discomfort was getting slightly worse, but not untolerable pain to the point where I had to bend over or anything. I was worried that I was having an ectopic pregnancy. I then went into Kaiser Permanente ER yesterday. They did blood work which came out NEGATIVE as far as being pregnant and all my blood levels were fine. The HCG blood level was 0.5. The doctor told me that since my blood work was negative that I couldn't possibly be pregnant. I explained to her that I read stories about people still being pregnant even after a negative urine and blood test. I also told her that I thought that if I had an ectopic pregnancy that my tests could show negative, but she said it wasn't possible.

I also was ordered an ultrasound to check for gallstones and none were found and was told that my right kidney and liver seemed to be fine too. I wanted to have the doctor order an ultrasound of my pelvic region, but she said it wasn't necessary since I wasn't having pain in my lower abdomen and that the blood work came out negative as far as being pregnant.

I then started having pelvic discomfort (cramping) like I was about to start my period toward the end of my visit there. While the doctor was performing a pelvic exam more thick dark blood came out. At the end of my visit the doctor then suggested I could possibly have endometriosis from hearing some of the symptoms I have been having and as far as my bloating said it could be acid reflex, which I've never had any problems in the past. I also have had normal periods. I was then sent home.

When I got home last night I started my period. It is heavier than normal and my cramps are worse than normal...maybe it's because I stopped taking my birth control a week ago since I thought I was pregnant (I didn't want to harm the baby if I was)? I'm still having a lot of mid back pain, EXTREME abdominal bloating (not typical menstrual bloating or bloating you get when you are full), abdominal discomfort, fatigue, and SOB when moving around, body aches and low grade fever. The other symptoms have worn off. I'm totally confused what is going on with my body?? Can pregnancy symptoms be linked to something else? I have never been pregnant and don't know what to expect. The abdominal bloating is what annoys me the most.


Hi QT,

A lot of the symptoms you described are NOT specific to pregnancy.  Yes, a pregnant woman can have them but so can someone that isn't.  Many of those symptoms don't happen until much later in pregnancy.

A UTI can make you feel sick, a "bacterial vaginal infection" can also cause you to feel uncomfortable.  Medications could make you feel ill.

The tissue like substance in your urine could be from the UTI.

.5 hCG is not pregnant.  It is VERY unlikely that you'd have a negative hCG result if you were pregnant - despite what the internet says.

I think more likely than an ectopic pregnancy is the chance of a miscarriage.  They are VERY common early in pregnancy, more so than most women recognize. 

But, it is hard to second guess your doctors.  They've seen you.  If you don't trust them find someone else. 

Just because you see something on the internet does not mean its true.

Good luck.