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Hello!, Im 16 years Old, Im On Not Birth Control, And I Missed My Period!!!! Im Scared Outta My Mind!! Its Driving Me Crazy. I try Not To Stresst Over It But It Is Brings Me Down!! I Was Surpose To Start On Sept,29,13 But I Didnt It's Now Oct,1,13 (3 Days I Know) I Was Having Un-Protected Sex With My Boyfriend And I Guess Something Happened... And Also I Had A (UTI) For This Whole Month (Without) Taking Anti-Biotics Im Thinking That.. The (UTI) Has A lot To Do With It I Didnt Know Im Scared He's Scared Just Please Make This Stop! But we Had Un-Protected Sex Before And Im Sure Pre-Cum Got In Me.... But I Didnt Get Pregnant..??  And My Boy Didnt Fully Cum In Me.. He Pulled Out Then It Came.. So Whats Going On?? Im 16 Can My Period skip?? I've Been Having Peiods Signs But No Period?? My Boobs Have Been Hurting.. I Think I seen Blue Veins In Themm?? I Dont Know I Just want It To Stop I Cried I Prayed What's Next?? I Have Not Took A Pregnancy Test Yet Im Scared Because If I Do That Then My Mom Is Going To Find Out...! Im Scared How Long Can Your Period Delay?? Could I Just Be Missing A Month And Come On Next Month?? Help Me Im Scared!!! Please Help Ease The Pain.... :(  


Hi Guest,

Yes, your period can just be late and you can just miss a month.  The concern is the sore breasts.

The pull out method is very unreliable as well and precum can contain sperm.  Just because he pulls out doesn't mean that there was no sperm in your vagina and it only takes ONE.

Always use protection.

You could test now but I'd suggest you wait another week, until you are about 10 days late.  By then, any test should be accurate.  Testing early false negatives are common.

When you test you MUST use your wake up pee for the best accuracy.  Use a name brand test too, yes it makes a difference.

Good luck.  Let us know what happens.