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Im 21yrs my bf & I recently started having sexual intercourse after 9mo. of dating anyways last thursday we had sex and didnt use a condom, he pull out before coming but I was in my fertile days. What is the chance I might be pregnant?


Dear Cynthia

There certainly is a chance you could get pregnant. It is unlikely you are pregnant yet, for implantation takes several days after fertilisation. Whenever you have unprotected sexual intercourse you run the risk of pregnancy. If you have it in your fertile days, the risk is much higher. Pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum), which could well have been released into your vagina before withdrawal, can contain sperm. This is particularly so if he had not urinated since his last ejaculation. Also UK research as indicated that some males will always have sperm in their 'pre-cum), and others will not.

Hope this helps