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me and a friend hooked up 2 days ago and im really scared i might be pregnant... and im not sure when i can tell if im pregnant or not and im really worried


by hooked up, I guess you mean you had sex. Specifically vaginal intercourse. The only way to get pregnant is for a sperm to enter your vagina and find your egg during your ovulation cycle (which is usually opposite your period during the month). It would take two to three weeks for your body to test positive, usually. Generally they say to test after your first missed period (missed by a week plus).

I am guessing that your friend didn't wear a condom and came (ejaculated) inside you. This is dangerous for many reasons. Sperm can stay alive inside the vagina for a few days. There are also all the possible STD's. Be careful and carry your own condoms to avoid this again. Also, get on birth control so you will be better protected.