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Me and my fiancé had sex exactly 25 days ago, 13 days before my due date. He did not edaculate inside. But still I missed my periods this month. It's the twelfth day today. I did have a pregnancy test at home and its negative. I have been experiencing stomach ache like I used to experience during my first and second days of period. I am also experiencing minimal white discharge which is very uncommon when my period is delayed. I have been experiencing irregular period since my college days. I am 26 yrs old. Please advise what are the chances of me being pregnant. And what are the steps to avoid pregnancy.


Hi Guest,

13 days before your period is due, about day 15 of your cycle, you'd likely be fertile and just about to or recently have ovulated.

Chances of pregnancy are good.

When did you test?  When you test, you MUST use your first morning urine (wake up pee) for the best accuracy.  Use a good name brand test, not a dollar store cheapy.

By now the test should be accurate.  If you repeat the test and it's still negative see your doctor.

At this point there would be nothing you could do to prevent a pregnancy.  Your only "steps" to avoid it would be abortion.

Good luck.