I moved into an apartment in May.  On my first day here the carpets had just been shampooed and I smelled a wet dog smell so they retreated with a pet dander treatment.  That night I woke up choking on post nasal drip.  I was dizzy and felt like had ashma for about 2 weeks.  The chest stuff went away but I still get sinus pressure and extreme spinning in my head that is like vertigo symptoms including nausua.  I have had the a/c check and such and dont see signs of mold but somethere here is causing me to be so dizzy I cant take it much longer.  I know that the humidity level is a bit high and Im on a ground floor in Charlotte on an airtight 7 year old unit on a concrete slab.  The a/c friend of mine said there is a black line on the carpet all along the borders of the apt to the outside due to a negative pressure in the apt and a pull from outside in.  I dont know what a negative pressure is by I feel like I just came off a bad elevator ride the minute I walk in.  I occasionally get headaches and there is a constant smell of the apt cabinets, walls and such.  I read that high humidity levels can cause toxic offgassing.  I can't seem to find anything that can be fixed or help me out of my lease.  I have 8 more months to go and I just cant think of lasting that long.   Please please someone help me find a solution or how I can get inexpensive testing.  EMF's is a concern to and I will say that I lose my 4g to 3 g all around my apt building and cant send picture messages at all.