Hi, I hope that someone can tell me what is going on.
About six months ago I decided to stop drinking completely. I was a heavy drinker and my liver was starting to get affected.
For example my Gamma GT was 160 and should have been < 60. One month after stopping my Gamma GT was back down to 23 and has remained at this level ever since.
Almost immediately after stopping drinking I started to get flu like symptoms all my muscules started aching and my joints felt swollen and ached. I have in the past suffered from Gout in my one big toe, but nowhere else.
When I get up in the morning I am stiff but it's not serious but as the day progresses it gets worse and worse and by late afternoon I battle to get up and down stairs. I am 58 but in the evenings feel like 78. I find that if I take 2 Myprodol tablets(an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic) the pain goes away and all is fine until the tabs wear off. Also at night I have to go to the toilet at least 6-8time a night?
My doctor has done several blood tests and says that it is Gout. I cannot accept that I have gout in every joint when the results show only a slightly high levels, they are:
C-Reactive Protein 5 s/b <5
Urate .45 s/b <.43
Gamma GT 20
Cholesterol 5.4 s/b <4.9
Triglycerides 2.7 s/b <1.6
LDL Cholestrol 3.3 s/b <2.9
I am currently on Blood pressure tabels, and Cholesterol tabels.
My current blood pressure is 134/75

Is it possible that I have some virus or something?

I was a heavy drinker and stopped totally, it is interesting to note that as soon as I stopped, my shaking stopped my hot flushes stopped, my sweating stopped. Can you suffer from withdrawal symptoms even six months later?
The only problem with stopping is that I now love chocolate and have put on :'(

Your help would be greatly appreciated