Same thing has happened to me. Back on October 30th I smoked some weed Berry White I believe it was called. I never really smoked high stuff I would usually smoke Reg (which got me high so I didn't care) and when I smoked the Berry White I remember I was hitting it hard and taking in deep inhales of it. I took about 5 hits didn't even finish the bowl and I felt my heart for some reason and it was beating super fast like super fast and I panicked got scared and got in the shower and then went into my room and started walking back and forth scared and I think I started praying I mean I felt like if I laid down and tried to sleep it off that I wouldn't get back up. After the high went away and I felt dizzy and nauseous and had pressure in my chest and felt light headed. Next day I finally went to Urgent Care because I was scared. They took blood and did a EKG and chest X-rays ( BTW I have asthma but it's not super bad of anything) they told me my EKG seemed off but wasn't in Heart attack range or anything and that it looked like Bronchitis. So Sunday morning 12-1 o'clock I felt the pressure in my chest more and I felt pressure in my left arm. Went to ER and they took more blood and did another EKG. They said EKG was perfectly fine not to worry that my Heart was ok. Then had an apt with my doc and they told me it wasn't bronchitis but it was my Asthma. So as time went on I still felt dizzy and had a feeling like I was in a dream and not there at times. So saw Doc again and thought maybe it was Anxiety but he told me it didn't sound like Anxiety and wanted me to see a Nerologist. I've had a CT Scan and EEG done and both have come back normal and now I'm going to have a MRI done to make sure that's ok and if it is okay they will send me to see a Nose and Ear doc. But since then I still deal with what I think is Anxiety and was constantly Checking myself and Googling my symptoms which made things worse and I still sometimes feel dizzy and sometimes feel like I'm in a dream still and have delt with Insomnia. I also have acid reflux which I get scared and mistake it for problems with my heart. And I also feel like I'm sensitive to light or see things "dimmer" at night. I'm sorry it was long and hope you read it or atleast skimmed it but can anybody tell me if u have experienced any of this before.