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I have posted on here several times in search of answers to my boyfriends medical issues. If you say go to the doctor we have been there to all of them even the mayo clinic and we still haven't received a diagnosis. My boyfriend started feeling sick when he was 15yrs old when he had a rapid heart rate and was rushed to the hospital and 15 years later he was prescribed a beta blocker and semi diagnosed with POTS which is not a official diagnosis, because POTS is found in women and it is genetic and there is no history of POTS in his family. There is a long list of testing he has done and years of doctor visits, but still no diagnosis.

I have been researching some conditions that if he had it, then it would effect basically all his major organs which is what he has problems with on a daily basis. Here is a list of his symptoms: dizziness, confusion, spotty vision, pounding fast heart rate when standing up or sitting down, ringing ears, feeling like he can't hold his urine when he has to go it needs to be immediate and also frequent urination at least 10 times per day, abdominal pain, constantly bloated, GERD, digestion issues (food sits in his stomach undigested for hours), nausea, cold hands and feet (we live in AZ it's not normal to have freezing hands and feet here), faint feeling, gasping at night from a dead sleep (feeling like he wasn't breathing), sleep apnea (undiagnosed).

He has only been diagnosed with: GERD and semi diagnosis of POTS, also doctors have said he has a hiatal hernia, also the stomach emptying tests with a barium coated hard boiled egg and barium water took 1 hr for food to empty and 2 hrs for the water. The bravo capsule test results were that he has excessive stomach acid about 4 and a half hours per day ( a person diagnosed with acid reflux has about 15 min. per day).

I am looking into a disease called hyperparathyroidism also another disease or body malfunction called magnesium deficiency. I have read the symptoms of these 2 diseases and he has most of them. It would make sense if he had too little magnesium and potassium and too much calcium that many of his major organs would stop working properly and over the years it gets worse and worse.

I would like to know your input on this and if what I'm saying could be possible and also what tests would we need to take to find out if this is the answer to our problems. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear back from anyone with any knowledge that will help. Thanks again.


I just read and listen to information on Hypothyroidism. A person can go under diagnosed as having thyroid problems but may indeed have them. The Dr. who has done 25 years of research, name is Browning. Something like that. look on line under thyroid problems. His research is interesting and on target.