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I am a 27 yr old female who has a history of anxiety, GERD and a hiatal hernia. I am an

ex-smoker (quit one yr ago) and I have cut out caffeine. I am also a vegetarian and do

not eat chicken or fish. My symptoms have been going on for a while, pretty much ever

since I took an anti biotic called Levaquin in November, however, my symptoms have

gotten worse in the last week. I have chest pains (which sometimes radiate to my sides

or back), stomach spasms/pain, constant burping, difficulty breathing, palpitations

which feel like fast heart beat, bad heartburn (food comes right back up), itching,

coughing, loss of appetite and unintentional weight loss. I have lost 20 pounds since

November. I also find myself very thirsty with a dry tounge. In addition, my lymph

nodes in my neck are sore to the touch and seem swollen. I have been diagnosed with a

hiatal hernia in the past and GERD. I recently had an endoscopy. The dr. who did the

endoscopy said he didn't see anything including my hernia which was diagnosed through

another physician with a barium swallow last year. It's all very confusing. To date I

have had many tests done including: a brain MRI with and without contrast (neg) , a

chest CT with contrast (neg), endoscopy (neg), chest xray (neg), ekg (neg), blood clot

tests neg., countless blood tests all negative with the exception of a slightly

elevated WBC count and lymphocytes were a tad on the low side. Also, several weeks ago

my Dr. said my calcium level was on the "high end of normal". Could this be a thyroid

problem? I have had a thyroid blood test (not sure which one) and she said it was

normal but I am not convinced. I have always had acid reflux but nothing like this.

Everytime I eat or drink anything I burp (which relieves pressure) or food and drink

comes back up. Could this all be due to GERD or is this something more serious? Also,

it feels as if something is itching my lungs or throat and I need to cough often to

relieve it. I have been having these symptoms whether or not I eat so I don't know if

it is just GERD. I am really scared that I have some awful disease that no one has

found yet and feel very anxious over this so everytime I go to the Dr. they attribute

every problem I have to anxiety. Admittedly some of this could be anxiety related but

these problems have been happening regardless of what I am doing or how I feel. Could

someone please shed some light on this?


i think you should try going to a different and see what they say. if they say the same thing then its probably not a big deal. I reccomend possibly using a humidifier. I have also have also been having some of these same symtoms. Let me know what you find out!