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After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease 17 years ago, I started having problems with systemic joint pain, mood swings, fatigue, memory loss and severe Vitamin D deficiency as well as difficulty swallowing.  I had a total thyroidectomy on Oct. 5 (2 1/2 weeks ago) because both lobes were enlarged and one was pressing into my esophagus.  The surgery went well and I noticed, immediately, how much better I can now breath.  I have also notice that I am not having the mood swings as before.  I still have the joint pain although the intensisty is somewhat less and my fingers are not as swollen.  I have also notice that I am colder, particularly my hands and feet, I have many more hot flashes and it is difficult to get to sleep.  I am still a bit tired.  I have been on 112 mcg of Synthroid since January and my pre-surgical TSH levels were normal.  I have to wait until Dec 6 to see the endocrinologist and have my blood levels tested again. I was put on a Calcium/Vitamin D supplement post-surgery for the next month. 

My question to anyone out there is this: Did you suffer hot flashes or and have an increase in the number of hot flashes after surgery?  Did you find your self colder as well, particularly hands and feet?  What other effects did you have post surgery until your Synthroid medication was readjusted? 

I would appreciate any information that folks are willing to share.  Thanks.






Hi there, I can relate to what you wrote. I had a total thyroidectomy about 8 weeks ago, was put onelarge calcium supplements for about 1 month and now take no calcium.

I do suffer with some bloating as in fluid in legs and around the stomach and also fingers now and then. My moods can fluctuate, and the hot flushes I also get. My eye sight has also worsened a little.

I had severe hives over my entire back and tummy during my treatment for my graves disease which was about 6 years. I decided on having a full thyroidectomy after a long deliberation after thyroid storm nearly cost me my life.

I was told that my symptoms would disappear once my thyroid was removed, but im still feeling pretty crappy.

Some days I feel really fatigued, moody bloated hot and cold flushes and headaches. I am taking 100mcg of thyroxin per day and am now trying to get sorted some vitamins to help me along aswell.

I did however find that taking magnesium about half an hour before bed helped with my insomnia, so I had a win there....

Now Selenium is important to and vitamin d3, I also take flaxseed oil and have a b12 injection every 3 months.....something is still missing....I feel it needs fine tuning some where along the way. Im still learning so if theres anyone else out there that has anything to share, please do..... we are in this together..




Hi, I was diagnosed in 2010 with Graves and Hashimotos disease. Symptoms at first were consistent with Graves. About 3 yrs ago j gradually started having symptoms of Hashimotos. Weight gain, hot flashes (peri menopausal) fatigue, etc. My endocrinologist noticed nodes and I started having an ultrasound every 6 mos. in April it was found that my thyroid was very enlarged so I had a thyroidectomy. I have been extremely irritable and have had some memory loss since surgery. I take magnesium, calcium w D3, and Vitamin B-12. Was put back on estrogen to alleviate hot flashes. My energy level is good but the memory loss is scaring me. Anyone have any advice?