my brother was dianosed with POTS syndrome several months ago after 10 years of suffering, doctors, tests, etc. He is 31, married with two small children. My family has watched him increasingly get sicker and more in pain . He was diagnosed with everything from Celiac's and other food allergies to having his gall bladder removed and has been tested for everything under the sun. All of this turned out to be untrue and nothing has helped until he was finally diagnosed with POTS by a gastroenterologist in Milwaukee, WI. His symptoms are very painful digestion (this is why he is now 130 pounds and 6 ft tall), blood pooling in the legs, weakness, fatigue, nausea, constipation or diareah, light headed, vision continues to deteriorate, poor memory and concentration, achy, can get a fever, extreme change in blood pressure and heartbeat upon getting up.....He did have the tilt table test and blood work that lead to this diagnosis. He was prescribed clonazepam and I think Disopyramide. He's been taking them for about 2-3 months and it doesn't get any better, in fact he's start to go into depression. He has added salt to his diet though I don't know how much.
He keeps calling his doctor, but doesn't get a call back and can't get into see him usually for a couple of months. The doctors assistants call him back, but even though he tells them he's getting worse they just tell him to up his medication. Are there any doctors out there who really care to see an illness come to some improvement if not a resolution. It always seems to be about a quick fix. He needs a dedicated doctor, with experience in this. Please help!