Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, and would like to know if anyone has had an open bowel resection. I am going to have a barium enema tomorrow to determine if I do have a fistula. I contacted a gastroenterologist after months of experiencing vaginal flatuence every time I passed gas. I have a history of diverticulosis extending throughout my large colon. Several addominal surgeries 7 to be exact in the past. 4 bouts of diverticulitis, twice causing abcesses requiring hospitalization. Without laxitives I am unable to have bowel movements. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism 1 month ago taking 75 mcls of synthroid everyday, 2 weeks ago learned I had a severe vitamin D deficiancy currently taking 50,000 units once a week. I am scared, full of anxiety, does anyone have similar problems, perhaps share their story. I am a grandma and have full guardianship of my 10 year old grandson, after my daughter passed July 4th, 2008. I have been suffering from extreme fatique due to my hypothyroidism, and the lak of vitamin D which go hand in hand with my underactive thyroid. Unfortunately gained 35 lbs in the last year totally unrelated to overeating. Can anyone relate, respond to my post with any similar problems. I feel so alone, scared, and this situation is worrying my grandson. Sadly he relates hospitals to possible loss of life. If anyone is experiencing anything similar please respond and let me know how any of these problems are affecting you.

A loving Grandma,
Cindy Page