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me and my partner had sex today, i accidently put the tip of my penis in the wrong side of the condom and then flipped it over and then started to have sex, i wiped the condom slightly with my fingers to see if there was any precum, i dont think there was but is there a chance of pregnancy? im stressing out loads...

another little question.... how easy is it for a girl to get pregnant? could precum be likely to do it? or the full thing? and will it have to be inside to do so? or just be on her vagina?


Hi Q,

Never reuse a condom, even just putting it on wrong.  Throw it out.  If there was any precum, and you had recently (since your last urination) ejaculated, there may be sperm.  It only takes one.

The odds of pregnancy occurring, when everything is "perfect" is about 1 chance in 5.  Precum can do it.  Sperm needs to get into her vagina, not just near it, for pregnancy to occur.

Hope it helps.