Hi. I need some answers please. I was on depo for exactly 1 year. I should have received my next shot beginning of June and I did not. I keep having pregnancy symptoms now. My breasts have increased 2 cup sizes in two weeks and I'm also lactating. I went to ER yesterday and doc told me blood test was negative for pregnancy. Then advised that I could have prolactinoma which is a tumor that makes you lactate. He did a CT scan and everything was clear. Still have no answers.. depo side effects state of decrease in breast size not increase.. my nipples are the size of a half dollar coin(no joke) and are very sensitive and hurt. I was pregnant when I was 17 and gave birth to a still born so I am not high risk and very worried and need to know what's going on. In my previous pregnancy I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 4 months and all the test were negative until that time. So I have low levels that will indicate pregnancy.. wouldn't that be the same case  in a blood test then? Doc refused ultra sound and said that would be taking a step back from a blood test.. doesn't make sense to me as with an ultra sound you can see and hear if a little one is brewing. Please any one that has experienced this offer any comments. Just need some answers.