Hello Everyone!

I have a story for all females and if you can relate please respond back! 

My last period was on August 23rd, 2012. I started to spot exactly a month later. During that whole month I took 3 First Response Tests, ALL NEGATIVE....I went to see the Gyno to see what was going on. I took an ultra sound test and pee test all negative. But the man said that it was just my period nothing to worry about! WELL!!! I decided to get on the repo shot that day and 4 weeks later I went into the ER for an injury and come to find out I AM PREGNANT!! I couldn't get any X-rays done at all... I couldn't believe it! I don't have any symptons, some back pains but nothing so far! My daughter is a year in a half and within a month I had morning sickness and so forth but with this pregnancy nothing so far...????? Is it because of the depo shot? I wish I wasn't on it right now and waited longer to take the test :( The Er said the baby will be fine and that its just a hormone shot.

Sometime I wonder if i really am pregnant??