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Im 13 And When I Masturbate It Doesnt Hurt And Theres No Actual Problem, Just That When I Retract It, It Wont Go All The Way Back, It Stops Near The Top And Hurts If I Pull It Back Any Further, HELP ME!! %-)


you probably have a tight band that is causing this problem. This is normal. Some bands are more tight than others. This is why it is important that when you are able to retract the foreskin that its only for a moment for cleaning. THE YOU MUST GET IT BACK FORWARD. As you get older and masturbate more this band may stretch and become easier. There are stretches that you can do to make it stretch sooner. If you can... place a finger from each had through the band and pull sideways. Do this every day and it will help. Look up tight foreskin and you will find more help.



you need to train your fore skin to loosen up as you get older and you don't stretch your skin it wtll hurt more when having sex or masturbating so you need to do a few things to help ease your problem,..

this is what i did to help me get over my tight foreskin

you need to pull your foreskin back eack time you go to pee and pull back until you feel a little pain as that is your limit and then do this each time you go and you will start to loosen the skin..

i also went in to a bath and exercised my foreskin with lube and then placed a finger inside my foreskin and moved it around slowly on the glans [head of penis] and then moved the foreskin back and forth in a slow way so that it did not hurt and then i would place a small finger into my foreskin and then slowly moved the foreskin back over the finger and that stretched the skin..

i also used a mild skin softener and rubbed that onto my foreskin and then slowly masturbated pulling as far back as i could and i did this for two weeks and bingo my foreskin stretched enough so that it did not hurt..

you have to try things out that won't hurt so much but putting up with a bit of pain now is better when you are older and sex might be out of the question except for circumcision [last resort]..

hope that helps all with a tight foreskin..