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So bassicly I can pull my foreskin back when my penis isn’t hard but then wen it is hard I cant n it hurts if I try to hard n I don’t get why this is. Anyone be able to tell me why this is ? Re updated this now after reading a few comments and have found out it means wen I am erect it’s to tight to go around the head how do Get it to loosen up so I can pull it over when erect ?


Hi Guest

If you search for ways to stretch the foreskin you will find more information on it.
You have to stretch your foreskin so it will retract when your erect.
Stretching it in the bath tub will make it easier.
If you can get your fingers inside your foreskin and gently push out by separating your fingers that will help to stretch it or you can also do it from the outside by taking your foreskin between your thumb and finger with both hands gently pull outward.
It has to be done slowly and it takes a long time to stretch it just do it easy so you don't hurt yourself.